Version 1 (March 2020)

Young Man in Love 2

How they had managed to walk back to Jerry’s flat, his arm around Callie’s shoulder, was a marvel of drunken coordination. She guided him through the garden gate. A garden gnome with insolent finger pointed the way to a front door still adorned with fairy lights.

They spoke no words, but smiled. Their lips met. Callie’s tongue searched for Jerry’s, but his remained behind closed teeth. He stepped back slightly, surprised by this unusual move. She pulled him towards her. He gave in, feeling her warm tongue turn around his. His, tentatively, pushed back. He felt dizzy with delight, his heart engulfed by this new experience. Just as he relaxed into her, she withdrew.

“Mustn’t spoil you. Time to go.” Jerry was dismayed. He must tell her now.

“Callie, I-

In his hurry to regain her embrace, he stumbled over the gnome, its erect finger snagging in his turnup. He tried to shake off the offending digit, but only succeeded in hopping ungainly off the path and into the neatly, but deeply cut lawn verge. His ankle twisted in this treacherous gully. Jerry lost control and fell backwards, crashing his head on the edge of the bird bath. He lay spread-eagled and silent.

Version 2

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